Thursday, January 19, 2012

mad men

I am feverishly trying to make it through all of the previous four seasons of Mad Men in advance of the new season. Going into it I had only watched two episodes, but somehow I knew enough to make my two count - I had watched the episode where they decide to form a new agency and the episode where they try to come up with an idea for Samsonite. Anyway, here are some of my opinions:

Favorite character: Probably Peggy, but I do like the Pete-centric episodes quite a bit.

Favorite episode: The Suitcase

Favorite moment: the conversation between Don and Peggy when she is in the hospital after giving birth to her baby and he's like, you gotta get out of here.

Favorite extramarital partner of Don's. The store owner in season one. I think her name was Rachel.

Hope for the future: Give Betty something to do more than just hanging out with dopey husband of hers and being mean to her kids. Also I want the group of oddballs Don meets in California to show up again.

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  1. Our recent discussions about this show have me all fired up to watch it again. I like the way that after Peggy came through so many times for Don, we really came through with the whole baby thing.