Friday, January 20, 2012

My Parents Are Idiots

I guess I have long been harboring thoughts that I would one day invite my parents to view/use this blog. I don't know why.  I just thought it might happen some day.  So I have tried to curtail the cursing/writing about things that they might find inappropriate.  But both of my parents are acting like dipshits, so I'm just going to write this.  All quotations are actually paraphrased.


Even though my mom lives in North Carolina, she continually tries to manage things in this city.  She really wants me to get Edith over to see Grandma.  I don't really mind this.  I know I have to take her over there from time to time, and I like visiting with her, and giving her the chance to see Edith.  But this is how it goes:

Mom:  "You should really get Edith over to see Grandma.  She hasn't seen her since xmas."
Me:  "Wow.  That has been a long time.  I'll try and get her over there soon."

Mom (in with email about other stuff): "When do you think you'll be able to get Edith over there."
Me:  "Oh - I'm hoping to take her over on Thursday.  Chelsey is hanging out with a friend that night."

Mom:  "Have you been able to confirm whether you are going over to Grandma's tonight?  I can let her know."
Me:  "Well we'll see.  The temperature has dropped like 10 degrees.  Chelsey might not want her going out tonight."
Mom:  Completely understand.  Just let me know and I'll let Grandma know."

(Mind you, at no point in all this do I have an intentions of letting Mom know so she can let Grandma know.  Because that is dumb.  I can just call her before I head over.  She's not the Queen of England.  There's nothing to schedule.)

Later Thursday:
Mom:  "I went ahead and told Grandma you might be coming, depending on the weather."
Brent (in my head):  "Well that settles it.  We're not visiting." 

And we didn't.


While he was in town for xmas, we had talked about his getting my mom and iphone for her birthday.  Nothing set in stone.  No biggie.  So last week or so, I follow up with an email to my dad and include Wendy and Chuck -

"Hey Dad, do you think you are going to get mom an iphone?  If so, let me know.  I'd like to get her some accessories for it." 

This turns into a lengthy discussion about mom and technology among us siblings, with very limited input from Dad.  He ends up saying "I will think about it, and get back to you."

Totally fine.

So yesterday is ten days before Mom's birthday.  So I send a follow-up email.  "No pressure, but it's getting close, and wondering if you've made a decision."  Nothing in return. 

I understand if he doesn't want to do it, or hasn't made up his mind.  But not responding at all?  This I do not understand. 

So as per usual, I have a mom who wont leave me alone, and a Dad who can't be bothered.  Idiots.


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  1. I feel like my parents are exactly the same. My mom is always trying to have her hand in plans that have nothing to do with her. She usually ends up screwing things up by adding herself as a middle man. My dad is clueless, never responds to emails, etc. I wish this were a generational problem (as our parents are 20 years apart in age) but it seems like that has nothing to do with it. So, this goes back to my facebook post yesterday....we must figure out a way to avoid doing this to our child(ren).