Thursday, February 9, 2012

In Defense of Pinterest

As most of your know, this morning I joined Pinterest. I am aware that is generally thought of as a rather distaff medium. That fact is really neither here nor there for me. Most of my friends are women, and I'm kind of a fancy pants sissy boy. All that being said, I'm surprised by how much like it. I think I have figured out why I do.
1. I like that it is a visual milieu. Obviously I'm a pretty literary guy (love books, kind of write for a living, etc.) but there's something about just trafficking in the (for lack of a less cheesy word) language of pictures. My favorite movie day was when everyone listed their dreamboat actors. I liked seeing all of the pictures of them together. That day's post, in retrospect, was a Pinterest page.
2. I like the validation you get from strangers like stuffing you put on there. Obviously we all like it when our friends show appreciation for our stuff on Facebook, but it's a unique sensation to have someone you don't know from a can of paint approve of something you like.
3. I like that I now have something to do with the random stuff I find on StumbleUpon that I don't want to loose.

Of course all of this could be the excitement of something new. Maybe I'll get tired of it after I finish doing all the lists I want to do, but I thought it would be good to share some thoughts upon first blush.

Yours in social media,



  1. I had to look up what "distaff" meant, you smartypants.

    1. Can you just tell me, so i don't have to look it up, please? Does it mean "disorganized or without context?"

  2. Kent, it means female. Or that's what I thought when I wrote my blog piece.