Monday, February 6, 2012

King Edith 4.0

As Edith gets bigger and figures more stuff out, I'm learning heaps about child development.  One thing that seems to happen every few weeks is that she becomes a brand new baby.
This baby is worth $400.

We went through this with Deuce too.  But only once.  It was more like for the first three weeks he didn't bark and wasn't an asshole.  Then he barked constantly and was a massive asshole.  And it was over.  He never progressed again. 

But with Edith, it's a never ending metamorphosis.  She goes to bed not smiling, and wakes up smiling.  She doesn't show the ability to grab things, and then she pulls down your water in a restaurant. Twice.  It's amazing. 

Her latest development is that she is laughing now.  Which has got to be the best development a baby can make.  But like everything else, it just showed up one day.  Then she would only do it when Chelsey tickled her.  And then last night she was just laughing away at me before she went to bed.  She would just look at me and laugh.  Which, admittedly, is an experience I am well acquainted with do to my squirrelly looks. 

The whole thing is without parallel for me.  It's so amazing to care about something so much and have it continue to grow and enhance before your very eyes.  This may be the only thing that's going to get me through Edith-as-toddler phase.  I have already told Chelsey, that I fully expect to propose selling Edith when she's about 2 1/2 and that she is not to do it.  Even if it seems like a really good idea. 

For now, I've got a laughing, grabbing, almost crawling baby.  But who knows what I'll have tomorrow.

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