Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Omaha News Just Got Awesome

Say hello to the future.


  1. I was keeping my fingers crossed for the reggae hat with dread locks.

  2. On our way to Woodstock '94 (I know, right?), BJ and I stayed in a motel in West Virginia. There was an article in the local paper about how a bank robber was eluding authorities by growing and shaving his facial hair. Of course, they didn't have the fancy imaging technology that the Omaha police have.

    On the New Orleans police front, NOPD is now using stickers to fight crime:

    It's brilliant.

    1. Oh my god. That's horrible. That can't be legal, right?

  3. Don't worry, they've assured the public that the glue used in the stickers will not damage their property and is easily removed!


  4. They've already given up on their sticker program:

    New Orleans Police Department- Public Information Office

    A Statement from the Superintendent

    “The NOPD will not implement the placarding strategy. The intent of this pilot program was specifically to inform anonymous callers that the NOPD had acted on their tips and to encourage more anonymous reporting of illegal drug activity through Crimestoppers. These tips to Crimestoppers have been a very successful tool for many years, but the NOPD is routinely asked if we have acted upon these anonymous tips.

    “I recognize that without widespread community support, the placarding strategy will not be successful, so we will not move forward. We believe buy-in from the community on policing strategies is vital, so we will continue to engage the public as we develop new policies and programs through Police Community Advisory Boards. The NOPD will continue to find ways to notify the community of our efforts to rid their neighborhoods of drugs.”

    Superintendent Ronal Serpas

  5. Yet it appears that they've alraddy spent the money on the stickers. Way to think it through, NOPD.

  6. Good news in Omaha. They caught the wig guy. No word on what he was wearing.