Monday, February 27, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 10

Self portrait




  1. Mine isn't a self-portrait. But I like this picture. And I already submitted a self portrait under the close-up category.

  2. I had to see how my pink lipstick looked a few days ago

  3. Well first of all, I'd just like to say that I'm really enjoying Brent's picture. Brent with food just always works. I wish that were the case for me. I really wanted to do a photo like Chelsey's -- just one feature, run with it. Unfortunately, I chose the top of my head and a circular mirror and I just couldn't make it work in the 30 seconds I allotted to the project. So, after the Academy Awards last night, I took my other pic. I was hoping it would at least reflect my current of state of hanging out on my iPad until way too late and then only looking away at other things when they make an interesting noise or bite me or something. But it mainly reminds me that my face is far too masculine looking. It disturbs me. Damn.

  4. Here's the picture I took of my feeling sick. Sorry I jumped to the top.

  5. I love Kent's pose but Chelsey's lips win day 10.