Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 15




something that makes you sad or depressed


  1. Sorry. I'm in an extremely bad mood and, despite the magnificence that is Edith in that bouncy thing, don't have anything joyful to share with the world today. So show me something rotten.

  2. This is a photo of some pennies in my desk drawer at work. This is the closest I could come to photographing how losing my job and money fears depress me. I will be unemployed in 2 weeks and although I look forward to sponging off of the government for a while and spending time with Edith...the lack of structure and cash flow scares me and therefore is causing me some depression. This whole situation is causing me to feel like a huge loser because I have applied for about 10 jobs and not had any takers. It also makes me feel like a loser because I feel like if I were really good at something I could use this as an opportunity to use that skill to make if I were a good painter or photographer maybe I would start my own business right now...but instead I am pretty mediocre at a lot of things.

  3. Hello there, broken down basketball hoop from Brent and Chuck's past. I see the years have been good to you.

  4. Here's my dad's living room after Katrina.

  5. Check me out, I found the pencil. Anyway, since Kent took the Katrina angle, I decided to go with the above photo, which I took when we were living in different states. My sister Beth and I rented a studio apartment because we didn't want to live in the house when it was being shown. Beth was away on a business trip and I got home from work and the apartment next to us flooded into the walk-in closet and into the bedroom/living room. Please note the cats in their crates as the apartment manager was sending the carpet cleaners over to mop up the huge freaking mess with vacuums and fans. I think this was the most depressed I got during the whole time.

  6. Wendy's slumped over cactus wins the sad sack challenge.

    1. I'm not even going to comment on how off base this decision is.