Thursday, April 19, 2012

My last night dream...

How could this guy
be a dumb dreamer?
I'm sitting around a table with some people I know/like, and someone comes in and starts talking to us about religion.  They kind of go on and on about different religions, and finally they get the part about praying.  To which I stand up and say something like:
 "Can we please skip to the religions that limit your interactions with god.  Because otherwise I have no hope of suspending disbelief"
I say all of this with complete confidence.  So much so that when I wake up immediately after I make a point of remembering it - believing it to be brilliant in my half-asleep stupor.  I wake up later in the night and make sure I still believe it.  Still think it's great. 

This morning I'm showering, and a little more awake.  I think about it again, and cannot for the life of me figure out why I was so happy with it at 2am and 4am. Suddenly the realization sets in that I am an idiot in my dreams.    

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  1. Last night I was watching a Spanish movie before bed and I kept falling asleep. But in my dreaming state I could still hear the Spanish and completely understand it. And I was like wow, it's amazing how well I'm understanding this Spanish. Then I would snap awake and realize the translations that I was doing in my head while asleep were completely, not even close, wrong. I repeated this process three or four times, each time thinking man, I really know Spanish. I actually really, really don't.