Friday, April 20, 2012

My New Running Shoes

I went to this place called Peak Performance where they look at your foot and your stride and everything and tell you what shoe you should be wearing. The woman who helped me was names DeeDee Jeter (which my coworker correctly pointed out must be a made up name) and she really spent a shit-ton of time with me.  We tried on 7 pairs of shoes, each one uglier than the next.  Then we arrived at these.  I actually like the way they look!  She also told me I wear a size 11EE in a running shoe.  Which made me feel like a real man.  Long and thick.  That's me.


  1. well i'm saddened somewhat by the significantly higher level of service that you got in comparison to me, but i do love my useless knee ankle support socks.

  2. knee-length, ankle support socks, it should say.

  3. I did see those there, Chuck. I also saw all the discount shoes. But of course DeeDee was having none of that.