Thursday, May 3, 2012


The word of the day is attrition.  Specifically as that word applies to childcare.  Edith is all over the damn place these days.  She's crawling.  She's pulling herself up.  She never stops.  When this first happened, we were really diligent about making sure she didn't fall or hurt herself.  We soon found that no matter what intervention we attempted, she would somehow find a way to fall on her face. 

Enter:  Attrition.  Over time, I have kind of given up.  I still follow her wherever she goes, and I never leaver her alone, but all my proactive efforts have pretty much ceased.  If I see her with a knife, I'll take it away from her.  But she's worn me down.  This came to a head (literally) last night, when she pulled a TV tray down on herself while I was trying to eat some ramen noodles.  I was watching her, but I had focused on the noodles at the moment she got the TV tray to come down. 

Falling TV trays aren't that big of a deal I suppose, but when they have full cans of root beer that hit your daughter square in the face (it was either that or a board game or some random remotes). I picked up the TV tray, and found and picked up Edith who was well into her long pause that precedes a massive shriek after anything painful happens. Then the shriek came, which I was prepared for.  Then blood started trickling out of her nose, which I was not prepared for. 

After that I kind of lost my mind a little.  But the internet put my mind to rest (when does that ever happen?).  Then I called Chelsey, and then the doctor's answer service, and everythign was fine.  In the process I found out that infants can't really break their nose, because everything is still soft still.  They can bang the shit out of their faces, and everything goes back to normal, like that liquid metal Terminator from Judgement Day. 

But I was thinking about it today, and I realized that this probably isn't going to fix the attrition problem.  At some point, I have to eat.  I'm just going to take down the TV trays. 


  1. Don't forget that I caught Edith eating glass a few weeks ago.
    I took care of the tv tray....

  2. Why is there no picture of this baby Rocky?

  3. There isn't a sound worse in the world than the silence before a baby scream. It's horrible. I'm glad she's okay. Good job Dad!

  4. Maybe we should pull up the fencing around the garden and put it in the basement? I just don't want to live in a world where Strat-o-matic basketball isn't readily accessible via tv tray.

  5. Is it too late to note here that you would have had fine times with twin toddlers?