Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bands I'd Still Like to See in Concert

Obviously Chelsey, Brent and I don't go to as many concerts these days due to Edith and other factors. I saw that First Aid Kit was coming and was thinking about whether or not I'll want to go and that let me to consider the question, what bands are left that, come hell or high water, I still feel like I need to see. There are bands out there that I've already seen and would see again, but I'm setting those aside for this project. This list just consists of bands that I've never seen and would go out of my way to see if possible. I can only come up with three: My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths, and Camera Obscura. That's all I got.


  1. I always have my list ready:

    Iron & Wine
    Camera Obscura
    The Antlers
    Neutral Milk Hotel
    Handsome Furs

    That is all.

  2. Yep. Forgot about Neutral Milk Hotel (Jeff Magnum). They are on my list too.

  3. Neutral Milk Hotel is a given, but it will never happen.
    The Pixies, but there was that time they played at Music Midtown in Atlanta, but I did not go see them.
    Kurt Vile
    The XX
    Jens Lekman
    Lily Allen
    M. Ward
    Amy Winehouse
    Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
    The Shins

  4. Yes, but we heard The Pixies from the porch so that kind of counts. Yes?

  5. Amy Winehouse is dead. If we're adding dead people, I would like to see Elvis. And Nirvana. And Elliott Smith. And Woody Guthrie. And probably Johnny Cash.

  6. Tupac came back, Amy Winehouse can come back.