Monday, May 14, 2012

Week Off To a Great Start

I got to work today and my key card didn't work to get me into the corporate offices side of the building.  So I tried to take a back way into that area by going through the back of one of our classrooms.  This set off an alarm on the door that I assumed would go off once I shut it.  It did not.  So at 7am, I was standing alone in the dark at work, locked out of the offices, with an alarm blaring. 
I finally figured out that my key to the front door actually fit in the alarm contraption on the door.  So I shut it off, and went back to my first plan of getting to the offices through the back door. 

I go through the now-unalarmed door, and enter a hallway full of doors that don't have any handles.  At this point, I wonder if I am actually awake, or if this is a bad dream.  So I head back to the door I entered through, and of course it only has a handle on the other side, and I have no way of opening it again. 

I am only able to escape by wedging my key in the side of the door and barely pulling it open with the tips of my fingers.

It's going to be a great week.

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