Friday, June 1, 2012

The Last Days of Deuce-co?

Ever since Edith could pull herself up and stand with the aid of a couch, she has enjoyed pulling at our dog's blanket or generally messing with him.  He has grown increasing unhappy about his.  At first he was just growling at her.  Then he would just get up and move.  Then he started growling and showing his teeth.  But a couple of times now he has actually lunged at her.  That sounds worse than it is.  I guess most people with dogs know that they have a whole variety of aggressive/don't fuck with me moves.  Some involve teeth.  Some don't.  This was more of a teethless lunge.  But it freaked us both out. 

Who knows what the future holds
for Deuce and the Kosterpeldings
So we spoke to our vet about it, and she shared our concern, but felt like the real troubling dynamic might just be that we let Deuce on the couch in the first place. She suggested that we stop letting him on the furniture, and see if that improves the dynamic.  We actually had already kind of figured that out for ourselves, but it was nice to have a vet tell us we were going down the right path.  I guess this would be a good place to note that when they are on the same level (both on the ground) he just licks the shit out of her.  No aggression at all. 

Starting on Wednesday Deuce lost his couch/chair privileges, and surprisingly that adjustment has been really easy.  He just finds a soft spot on the ground and sleeps there.  We have also kind of quarantined this area so Edith can't mess with him.  It still remains to be seen whether this will work.

If it doesn't we can either bring in a dog behaviorist or get rid of him.  I'm guessing we'll go with the latter, since I have a feeling neither Chelsey nor I are going to be any good at dog training while we're trying to keep Edith from killing herself as she learns to walk. 

So we may be saying goodbye to our dog.  Which makes me sad.  It makes me even sadder as I write this.  Deuce is a member of our family.  He's the one that continually embarrasses us, but makes up for it later by doing something funny while no one is around.  He's the perfect combinations of sweet and dick.  I hope we get to keep him.