Friday, December 21, 2012

Best and Worst TV


1) Parks & Recreation - This is my favorite show.  Of the Thursday NBC lineup shows, it's the only one that hasn't dropped in quality this year.  (Not counting Community - which didn't make it back this year).  I think Amy Poehler is a national treasure, and while the characters are not based anywhere in reality, the writers understand how to make them relatable and funny consistently.

2)  Boardwalk Empire - This was my favorite season yet.  There were scenes this year that gave me goosebumps the way The Wire did.  Watching these very-well-developed characters square off makes for a compelling plot consistently. Chelsey misses how it used to be more sexy.  She loves sexy things.

3) Ben & Kate - I think this show is charming.  It's not carefully crafted at all.  It's just a dopey story about a set of siblings, but the jokes are consistently corny in a good way. It's got Melanie Griffith's daughter in it, and she and her costar are both charmers.

4) Children's Hospital - If this was a full 30 minute show, it would probably be my favorite of the year.  But it also might ruin it. I've never liked Rob Coddry in anything.  But he created this, and it's consistently randomly funny in a way that It's Always Sunny used to be. 

5) Workaholics - Always Sunny ripoff that usually had one or two scenes that made me laugh out loud.  At least two of my favorite TV moments from this year happened on this show.

6) New Girl - Had a stumbly start, but got progressively better this season.  I like the way Zooey Deschanel's character has been pushed to the back and the other characters are more prominent.  Jake Johnson is a funny actor.  He and Charlie Day need to be in a movie playing brothers.

7) Veep - Very cynical and funny version of Washington culture.  Julie Louise Dreyfus was just great in it.  So mean.  Everyone in the show was just so mean.

8) Walking Dead - Surprisingly good this year.  Meaning there was way less opportunity of the characters to talk about what they were doing before they were doing.  It certainly struggled at times, but most of the plot swings were solid.

9) Modern Family - Some people don't like this show anymore.  I still think it's funny.  And unlike some of the other shows on this list, they really carefully plot out the stories like Arrested Development.

10)  Pawn Stars - I love this song and I'm not apologizing about it.  So there. 


  • Community and Mad Men


  • Breaking Bad, Homeland, and Dowton Abbey.


1) Two Broke Girls - I don't watch this show, but often catch the first few minutes after How I Met Your Mother (which also kind of sucked this year) and I assure you all, it's horrible.

2) Weeds - I don't care that it was the last season, it sucked dick this year.  Should have ended last year.  I stopped watching it - even though I knew it was all ending this year.  That's how bad it was.

3) SNL is still dumb everyone.  The new performers are talented, but not talented enough to save this dying show. 

4) Saints football - Painfully bad most of the season.  Even when they played well it hurt.


  1. I don't have anywhere that I track the shows that I watch, so I'll chime in here.

    The best shows I watched this year were:
    1. Breaking Bad - I watched all the back seasons on Netflix, so the first half season this year is a mystery to me. I firmly believe this show is as good as anything on tv now or ever.
    2. Mad Men - This was the first season that I actually watched while it was on. Betty Draper got screwed over, but other than that I thought it was a strong season.
    3. Workaholics - What Brent said.
    4. Community - I'm nervous that this last season is going to be crummy, but early 2012 it was my favorite of all the NBC Thursday shows.
    5. 30 for 30 espn documentaries - these are not all great, but they must be pretty good because they are one of the few shows that i will rearrange my schedule to see.

  2. My TV, to the best of my recollection.

    The Walking Dead: If they kill off Darryl, I'm done.

    Downton Abbey: I love this show. Kent downloaded the 3rd season, which isn't on in the US until January, so I can't talk about it.

    Parenthood: Chelsey recommended it and I'm zipping through it. Everyone cries all of the time. Over the most ridiculous situations.

    Gator Boys: This is the strangest show, I don't think it's on anymore but I enjoyed the random episodes that I saw. They really like alligators and there's an art to what they do.

    Happy Endings: Hysterical most of the time. I love the tall blonde. Her legs are amazing.

    Partners: It was really funny, and then it was canceled.

    Grey's Anatomy: But I still watch it.

    Modern Family: I don't watch this consistently, but when I do I'm disappointed. In the beginning there was warmth and humor, now it's crude, rude, and all of the characters are now chariactures. It seems the writers decided that since they have an audience now they'll just make everyone mean, cause that's easy and funny, right?

    I'm sure there's more, I watch TV a lot since the kid.