Monday, January 21, 2013

Resolutions! 2013

Here are this year's resolutions.  This is how the process went.  We all kind of stared at each other and no one had any huge epiphanies in the process.  Which may be how a resolution like "play it cool"  ended up on here instead of something more meaningful.  Also, in reviewing last year's, Chuck and Chelsey did pretty well, I did horrible. 

  • Finish angelique story
  • Run three miles in 30 minutes
  • Do due diligence on looking into staying at grandmas house

  • Go to gym three times a week if FT, and two times a week if PT
  • Have an adventure
  • Don't get pregnant.
  • Save a bunch of money
  • Play it cool
  • Decide on a hairstyle
  • Eat more vegetables


  1. I didn't remember the hairstyle one coming up on New Year's Eve, but I wished I had thought of that one for myself.

  2. My gym one should actually be 3 times if part-time. So that's what I will do.